Spring 2002

This spring we took a lovely trip to New York City for Rachel's birthday. We forgot to take a lot of pictures, but we did take 2:

Mackenzie in her Uncle and cousin's apartment

Uncle Alec

We had a lovely Easter Egg Hunt

What a lot of loot!

Even though it was cold enough to need a coat, Isabel enjoyed wandering through Nani & Vovo's garden for those elusive eggs.

Mackenzie, classy in her vest from Ireland, hunts up as many eggs as she can find.

Nani helped Isabel hunt out the eggs so that Mackenzie wouldn't swipe all of them.

We also prepared for the formal Easter Pictures

She is just such an incredible ham

Although Sears was about 110 degrees in the waiting room, if Bear in the Big Blue House is on, we can wait for a while.

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Created by rra 8/24/02