How I spent my Spring Vacation

by Mackenzie and Isabel


For Spring vacation, our Nani and Nana M. came to visit. We went to the zoo in San

Antonio, to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, we went shopping,

and we ate out a lot to celebrate Mommy turning (gasp!) 30. It was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Mommy kept forgetting her camera, but here are a few shots that

Nani and Nana shared with us. We'd be happy to go on vacation with them again!


If you ever go to the SA zoo, bring a stroller. It's a big zoo. Decent food for lunch, though.

The girls enjoyed the ride - it brought them up to a high enough level to see most animals, too.

Mommy and Isabel mugged for the camera. We really confused people having Isabel

in a blue outfit playing with a doll. :)

Great profile shot of Isabel. Aren't baldy waldy babies cute?

Ok, so Mackenzie is not happy, but the flowers in the background are gorgeous.

As an fyi, I'm wearing one of my 2 Maya wraps. Wonderfully comfortable. Highly reccomended.

Mackenzie loved the flowers at the Wildflower center

And you cannot spend a Spring in Central Texas without shooting a few pics of kids in

the bluebonnets! I think there may actually be a law that states that.

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