September 11, 2000

Isabel is 3 Months Old! Mackenzie is 2years, 4 months!

Stats -

Isabel is about 14 lbs, and is about 25 inches (12 lbs, 11oz and 24.5 inches at 2month appt)

Mackenzie is about 35 inches, and is 28.5 lbs

Gosh, they get big quickly!

Candids of Isabel

extreme close up. i love my rattle!

very serious look.

trying to turn over!

she smiles a lot, just rarely when there's a camera around, so here's a blurry one!

Mackenzie Candids

We went to the library today, so she is engrossed in her books.

joy in motion!

The Girls together

Mackenzie is shaking the ducky rattle for Isabel

Mackenzie loves to hold Isabel!

The girls resting on the Gingerbread Quilt made for Isabel by their Great-Grandmother

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rra 9/11/2000