The Girls of Our Gaggle of Girls

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Amelia (3), Mackenzie (8), Isabel (6) taken 10/06

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Mackenzie, Isabel, and Amelia have been raised using the philosophies of gentle parenting and Attachment parenting. We try to be respectful of them, and teach them to be respectful of others. For numerous reasons, we are currently a homeschooling family. We really enjoy it, and the girls have fun and learn together and with their many friends. We participate in many activities, and have created a coop with a few other homeschooling families.

All three girls love imaginative play, swimming, nature, animals, stories, art, singing, learning, computer games, and lots more. They can spend hours playing imaginative games together, using small toys as props. Some days they spend creating long dances or songs they perform for their parents, friends, or other family members. They are a wonderful group of girls, who have an amazing connection to eachother (even when they are bickering!).

The girls have to avoid several foods. They have Celiac Disease, a dairy intolerance, and Amelia has an anaphylactic allergic reaction to berries. If you want to try some of the girls' favorite treats, we have our favorite recipes collected online.

A few of our Vimeo clips

Older Pictures (in oldest to newest order)

Mackenzie - First Christmas

Happy Father's Day, 1999!

Mackenzie - 2 Years Old - June, 2000

Mackenzie With Isabel right after birth

Mackenzie and Isabel with Nani & Vovo - June, 2000

July 1, 2000 - Grannie & Amanda Visit

September 11, 2000 - Isabel is 3 months!

September, 2000 - professional pictures

End of Sept, Early October, 2000

Happy Halloween, 2000!

Our Trip to St. John, USVI - 12/2000-1/2001

Spring Vacation with Nani and Nana (3/01)

Formal Pictures of the 4 Generations of Augeri females

Easter, 2001

Mackenzie's 3rd Birthday!!!

Mackenzie got a HAIRCUT!!!

Mackenzie and Santa

Spring 2002 Formal pictures

Spring/Easter 2002

Mackenzie's 4th Birthday

Santa Barbara Trip Photos

The Butterfly Place (Labor Day Weekend, 2002)

I scanned in pitctures the girls drew (9/8/02)

Dancing Mackenzie & random shots (10/11/02)

Mackenzie took a bunch of pictures (5/6/2003)

February, 2003 Formals

Cute Kid pictures - March-May 2003

Belly Pix for pregnancy #3

Big Family Vacation at Cape Cod, August 2004

More older photos at Fotolog

Current pictures at flickr

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