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On Thursday, I took some pictures of the girls swimming in the indoor pool (the only day it rained)

Mackenzie and Isabel swam together

Mackenzie started doing laps

And then they worked on floating

Amelia was sidelined while I took pictures, but it wasn't possible to take pictures of her splashing in the water

Isabel kept practicing her swimming - she really wanted to swim without the floaties

And Mackenzie worked on improving her backstroke

Before we left, the girls played with their cousins one last time for the vacation. I was packing the last of the stuff while they played with John, so I don't have any of them with John, but they were so cute with Leila and Adam!

Uncle Kenny read to Isabel, Leila, and Mackenzie

And two of the A-babies from last year - Adam and Amelia

We had a wonderful time - can't wait to spend more time with cousins again soon!

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