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This year's biannual Big Family Vacation (see pics from our prior vacations at Santa Barbara and St. John) was at Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster, Cape Cod, MA. We stayed in condos a short walk from the indoor/outdoor pool complex. Grampy Sterl and Mimi Jane were wonderful hosts. Almost all the family was in attendance for a part of the vacation. Pictures are more sparse than usual for us, though, as Bill was only there for a few hours. Any inconveniences were well worth it - the girls adored being with their cousins!

We spent a lot of time on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday morning at the outdoor pools. You'll need to imagine those pictures, as I forgot to take any. They had a lot of fun playing in the water with their cousins.

Amelia was splashing in the big pool, and crawling in the baby pool. Mackenzie swimming and "diving" for rings and doing cannonballs off the side. Isabel getting braver and braver swimming with 2 floaties, then 1, and then trying no floaties on the stairs.

Just settling in - a tired Isabel plays with the Playmobil stuff we brought

and a blurry and washed-out, but very cute pic of Mackenzie and Johnny playing with Amelia (the flash didn't work right, unfortunately)

Tuesday afternoon we went to the beach in the afternoon with Grampy Sterl. The girls spent a lot of time burying his feet. This was the beach he went to with his parents and siblings when he was a little boy.

Mackenzie and Isabel burying Grampy's feet. Then Amelia wanted to help

Amelia really liked playing in the sand

Tuesday evening, Uncle David was singing at a local restaurant. Cousin John sang a song too. The girls loved watching John (and David) sing, and also really enjoyed the outdoor play structure at the restaurant.

Here are some shots of Johnny singing

but I like this one best

The audience was clearly entranced

Even John's little brother Adam was watching (ish)

swiped from Kristin and David, a picture of Grampy Sterl and Rachel with Amelia from the concert:

Uncle Alec gave the girls t-shirts from his Las Vegas trip. They were awfully cute.

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