Belly Pix!

Counting down the last 10 weeks (or so)


31 weeks

32 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks

38 weeks

Belly Cast

39 weeks

40 weeks

41 weeks

30 weeks (pictures taken by Mackenzie)

Isabel looks up at 29 weeks


31 weeks (pictures taken by Mackenzie again)

and to please those with nekkid belly fixations, here's one of those - complete with Isabel's hand


32 Weeks (by Mackenzie again)

looking up at the belly from a 5yo perspective

with a little more normal perspective (the painting in the back is of Texas Bluebells by my grandmother)


33 Weeks (2 self portraits, 1 taken by my step-father)

shadow in the sand

you really can't see my feet

artsy shot (Welfleet salt marsh as background)


34 weeks

Photo by Mackenzie again - posing with her toy lobster at her request (you have to humor the photographer!)

Nekkid belly pic (again by Mackenzie). gosh, this baby is getting BIG!!!!


36 Weeks

(Sorry, we missed week 35. oops!)

Side View (by Mackenzie again). In the most comfortable dress ever.

Frontal View. Where I just look WIDE.


37 Weeks

It's time for your closeup, Baby #3!

37 weeks, in all my splendor :)

kiss the belly!


38 Weeks

We made a Belly Cast

Preparing for the belly cast, as taken by Mackenzie

The BellyGirl with the biiiig belly (taken by me)

Mommy's Big Belly (as taken by Isabel)


Belly Cast

Finished Belly Cast

Isabel with the Belly Cast


39 Weeks

the Belly, 1 week later, with the belly cast

39 weeks with the girls

39 weeks


40 Weeks

We're hoping that Mackenzie has taken the last pictures of this pregnancy!

Outside with the flowers. See that smile? Hoping for baby to come SOON!

Just the belly. to quote a visitor today "enormous"


41 Weeks

Yee-ha, we're so happy to reach this milestone. NOT.

Isabel telling the baby "Come Out Baby!"

Belly pic by Mackenzie


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