About us and our Gaggle of Girls

The family of the Gaggle of Girls live in a house on a hill overlooking a beach on the North Shore of Massachusetts. We share a love of nature, computers, the beach, books, pets & animals, and eachother. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about us.

From Youngest to Oldest
She's Lucky She's Cute 3


was born at 7:10pm on August 25, 2003 at The Birth Place
, after about 5 1/2 hours of labor. She was 8lbs, 14 oz and 21 inches. She is beautiful and fair, and was a very easy baby. She is now 3 and loves trying to keep up with her older sisters! Her favorite animals are cats, lambs, and baby jaguars - she loves hiking through the woods looking for all 3. She is a nature-lover, and will spend a lot of time looking out the window at the animals in our yard (deer, groundhogs, birds, rabbits, etc). Amelia has an anaphylactic allergy to berries (strawberries, raspberries, etc), which put a crimp in our pick-your-own fun, but otherwise we've adapted pretty well.

Amelia is very 3. She is incredibly cute, and that's a good thing, because there is a mischevious side to her, and she ends up doing things like painting her hands, dumping chocolate syrup on the dining room table, coloring on herself, and other "fun" things. She is a sunny child, but will throw huge tantrums when she's tired or hungry.

Amelia adores her sisters, and wants to be with them all the time. Unfortunately, she doesn't always show her love appropriately - like when she appropriates their toys, pencils, crayons, dolls, dress-up clothes, and everything else. She's also very empathetic - if her sister is in trouble or sad, she'll go try to help her feel better. She adores the water - pool or beach or tub, she's not picky! She wears a bubble because she is also fearless and has scared us by jumping in the deep end when no one was there to catch her! She's a wonderful little girl, and she amuses us with the things she is emphatic about (like wearing the same dress day after day, or that everything should be blue). She's also growing up far too fast for being my youngest! LG says the 3 words that most describe her are: tubby, little-girl, and sweet.

Sunshine Wand


was born at 12:09am on June 11, 2000, in Austin, TX. She weighed in at 9lbs, 1 oz and was 20 inches. Now that she's 6, she's bigger and taller!. Hers was an unmedicated, midwife-attended hospital birth - and we left 13 hours later. Isabel not seem to understand that she is younger than Mackenzie, and works hard to keep up. She loves quiet activities like reading and coloring, but also loves to climb, swim, dance & sing, gymnastics, soccer and other active play, along with doing anything her big sister wants to do. She is a keen observer of nature, and enjoys hiking at the Audubon.

Isabel is our princess. She's also our loving, gentle space-cadet, and she inhabits her own little planet. She tells us stories about life on her planet ("when you drop something it goes straight to where it belongs!"), and her imagination dazzles us all. Her sense of style is interesting. Like her other 2 sisters, she prefers to wear dresses, but she's the one most likely to wear pants without a fight. Isabel is the only child of the 3 who might qualify as occasionally shy, but she warms up quickly to people after her sisters have made the first move. She loves to be helpful, and loves to show everyone how well she can do something.

Isabel is filled with energy, and loves to climb on everything as well as loving walks and hikes through nature - she's great at spotting things others might have overlooked! This is a happy year for Isabel, as now that she is 6 she can be in all the activities she spent last year watching from the sidelines (soccer and most homeschool activities start at age 6). She is walking the tightrope between being a snuggly, cuddly little girl and being a big kid who doesn't need anyone to help her. Isabel says the 3 words that most describe her are: brown-haired, curious, and little-girl.

Loving the bunnies


was born on May 3, 1998 at 5:19am in Austin, Texas, and weighed in at 7lbs, 13oz and 20 inches. At 8 years old, she has grown quite a bit since then! Her main interests now are dancing & singing, soccer, gymnastics, friends, nature, swimming, learning, and lots of math. She had a great time this past year participating in many homeschool activities - especially an Audubon science class and acting in a play.

Mackenzie manages to be both 8 going on 16 and 8 going on 3. She is our contradiction child, our loving, smart, wonderful girl who is also sensitive, challenging, and tantrum-prone. She is making huge strides in so many areas, I wonder if her body and brain become overwhelmed - the lightbulb has turned on for reading, a lot of social cues, and the "why" behind the math that she understands intuitively. Mackenzie is an incredibly friendly, outgoing child.

Mackenzie not only loves people, she also adores animals - she desperately wants more pets, but she doesn't only want fluffy pets - she wants all kinds, from bunnies and kittens to parakeets and budgies to lizards and snakes to frogs and fish. She's also a great nature girl, and has spent time learning so much about all the living things - she tries almost daily to convince me we can keep something she found in the yard or at the beach as a pet. She's rather disappointed that we think we've reached our limit of pets. Even though she's 8 and as tall as some 10 year olds, she is still an enthusiastic cuddler and loves spending time with her parents, sisters, cousins, and grandparents (plus all her friends!). Mackenzie says the 3 words that most describe her are: curious, smart, and fox-like.



is a wonderful dad and husband. He does all sorts of playing with the girls that their mom doesn't do, and he enjoys it. When he comes home from work, he is usually covered in little girls who crawl over him and jump with him and cuddle and otherwise beg for attention. While the girls love spending their days with their mother, they know Daddy is a better playmate when he's home. We jealously guard our weekend times together, and also have family dinners every night. Bill is also much more supportive and thoughtful of his sick wife than she would be if the situations were reversed.

Bill is one member of a small IT department at a growing biotech company. His job offers him many challenges, and he is learning new skills all the time. As the company grows he helps manage transitions with new hires, scientific equipment, and troubleshooting computers and printers throughout the company. His company is privately owned, and has amazing benefits - health, dental, vacation, sick time, 401k, and others. We all consider ourselves lucky he found a job with this fabulous company.

Bill is happy to be able to share his love of computers and gaming with Mackenzie - she loves helping him take things apart and put them together, and she's the only 8yo girl I know who plays World of Warcraft with her dad! Bill is also great at bringing up interesting topics of conversation for dinner or drives, and helping his wife use her brain in debates.

The Queen


has spent the past year dealing with medical issues. She contracted Lyme Disease in November, 2005, but it was an atypical case and defied diagnosis for several months. Once she received the diagnosis, she began treatment, but unfortunately she has been left with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis permanently as a result of the damage done by the Lyme Disease.

Rachel has an especially hard time managing the pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia. She finds the unpredictability of the disease very difficult - she can feel great for several days, and then have a lot of pain for several days, with very little idea in advance of what the next day will bring.

Rachel works hard to lessen the impact of her illness on the girls - bringing them to all of their activities and doing fun projects and activities with them. Unfortunately, that tends to mean she crashes at the end of the day! Rachel is lucky to have an understanding husband and family who give her quiet time after dinner to bedtime books time, and finds that incredibly recharging.

Rachel enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her friends and family, music, NPR, computer work, and cooking. She has tried to keep a positive outlook over the past year, despite the challenges the family has had. She does wish for a magic housecleaning wand, though!

The 3 girls have their own web page, with links to more pictures, websites, and other information about them. The girls have food intolerances and Celiac Disease, so we have a great recipe site for delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free, allergy-safe recipes we love.

We share our lives with 2 dogs; 1 cat; some fish; many wild animals, bugs, and birds outside; and several computers.


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