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Friday we were supposed to let my brother use the car. However, he flaked on us and forgot to let us know he had taken my father's car. so we hung out all morning waiting for him. Finally, at noon we went out for sushi. We were also hoping our friend would stop by, but he didn't. We did a little souvenir shopping, and let the girls run around a bit in this cool star after eating.

As cool as this star is, it is most unfortunate that we bailed on taking a picture of the girls dancing with the Elvis impersonator outside the restaurant! That was infinitely cooler.

Thankfully, the girls had a nice nap that afternoon. We were hosting a potluck for the whole family, and we really needed them to be in decent moods.

Since we had a bazillion people at the potluck, it overflowed a bit onto the balcony. Gorgeous balcony, almost as large as the living room, too.

The potluck also served to thank my Dad and stepmother for the wonderful, fantastic, amazing, sensational trip, to sing Happy Birthday to my one sister-in-law who was able to attend (the other 2 brothers and their wives had to stay home), and to wish my folks a happy 17th anniversary. whew!

And then my dad got silly (or as Isabel puts it "Silly Guppy!"), and gave out the various awards.

I got the award for Most Books Read (4, but finished 5 on the plane home), Bill got Most Hummingbirds Sighted (7), Isabel got "Best Flower Sniffer" for ripping all the plants apart.

Mackenzie and her cousin Chooie swapped awards. They agreed that "Guppy" had gotten them wrong - Mackenzie deserved Best Swimmer, and Chooie was supposed to get Best Dancer.

All was happy, and hey - Dad ended up with such a funky shirt too!

We did take the obligatory whole family shot (we should paste in those 4 missing adults and 1 missing little cousin)

The final day (Saturday) was spent packing, cleaning, and getting to the airport (with one little diversion to the Carousel on the way... which ended up taking a lot longer as we got stuck at a railroad crossing for a 77 car freight train). We then spent endless amounts of time on the plane and were home again. phew

So, where should we go next???

We already went to St John, USVI....

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