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After the Railroad Museum on Wednesday, we went out to dinner with my father, his wife, and my younger brother. Lovely, wonderful restaurant called Playa Azul. Highly recommended.

It is very near the Santa Barbara Courthouse. If you squint, you can see the girls posing

Mackenzie took this picture of her Mimi Jane, Isabel, and Rachel on the steps near the courthouse.

The next day (Thursday) we went to the California ScienCenter in LA and met up with a few friends. The girls had a blast! We had too much fun for me to keep snapping pictures, but here's the one I took of the 4 girls.

It was a wonderful day! We didn't take any pictures of our dinner with our friend from Austin, but he took 2 shots of the girls with his way cool new digital camera. I'm sure we'll never see them, but just in case we ever hear from him about it, I'll put some space here.


The girls fell asleep on the way home from LA, and the next morning (Friday) I took their picture on the balcony - they both decided to wear ponytails. They've been doing this a lot. it is horribly cute.

What more could you want than to spend your day with them?

Well, there are a few final pictures from Friday, and I'm going to tempt you to go on to

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