Santa Barbara, California!

We forgot to get a camera the first couple days - Our camera broke before we left (although it is weirdly working fine now). So you're missing pictures of several things on
Saturday (we arrived, went to dinner with my younger brother),
Sunday (bummed around, went to the Wharf and on the Carousel),
Monday (went to the zoo and had a potluck with the whole family).
Tuesday we went to Alameda Park (8,000 square feet of playground), and then bought a camera, so here's the travelogue from then on....

Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara -

Daddy, Mackenzie, and Isabel sit on the Triceratops Eggs

Orchid girls - Isabel, Mackenzie, and Mommy. It appeared to be a really cool Orchid exhibit, but it did not catch their fancy. We took the picture because one of my grandmothers adores orchids.

Big Dinosaur, Little girls
Mommy is bigger, but not as big as the Dinosaur!
Big Egg, Little Girls. They had to wait in line for this, but apparently it was worth the wait! Those are robotic dinosaurs behind them - a Maiasaura nest with hatchlings.
This was really cool - you used the heads to make shadow puppets. the girls really liked it. Unfortunately, the images weren't spectacular. The whole exhibit was cool - 15 interactive things including 3 robotic dinosaur sections.
The Blue Whale skeleton in front of the Museum. wow, it's huge!

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