Mackenzie is 4!!!!!!

For Mackenzie's birthday this year we had a Family birthday party where we invited all the family members in the tri-state area (MA, CT, NY). A lot more people came than we ever imagined! We decorated as pink and Barbie - the invitations were Barbie Princess.

A good time appears to have been had by all.

Mackenzie hamming it up before opening presents

Isabel was just so incredibly happy for Mackenzie to have a birthday. It was so cute how excited she was! She didn't even want to open the presents, just hand them to Mackenzie to open.

She got a bunch of presents (and this was just from us or from the mail!)

Opening presents is a mess of fun! Isabel really enjoyed handing the presents to Mackenzie

There were more and more and more presents to open.

Isabel Extreme Close-Up!

And then there was the party....

Presents, Daddy, and one of Mommy's friends (taken by Mackenzie)

Handing out Hats and party blowers

Pinata Time!

It actually took a long time, a lot of work, and threatening with a hacksaw to open the pinata. Next time we're getting a ribbon pinata!

Piggy Bank present (taken by Mackenzie)

Uncle Alec (taken by Mackenzie)

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Created by rra 8/24/02