Mackenzie and Isabel Drew some Cooool Pictures (9/8/02)

Mackenzie's drawing of a family. an X for a kiss was cut off by the scanner. A tree, an m for mackenzie. then Mommy, Mackenzie, Isabel, and Daddy.

Mackenzie's next family drawing - a tree, Daddy, Mommy, Mackenzie. a D for dog. then, in yellow marker and harder to see are Isabel, Mystic, Harley, and Chloe

Isabel drew a picture of Tigger

and then Mackenzie swiped the piece of paper to write Dog on it

and since i'm uploading pictures, here's the first time mackenzie wrote her name, in may of this year

she freaked out about the K, so i wrote that. she's doing great now with it though. she still has occasional freak outs about a letter, but it tends to be a different letter each time

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